PC Worship Credit: Courtesy Northern Spy Records

Released on a series of tapes in 2009, PC Worship’s earliest material was dominated by heady, tripped-out, psych-folk drones that spanned up to 15 minutes in length. Employing cellos, bowed saws, and clarinets, the project, led by Brooklyn’s Justin Frye, was rooted in eerie and hypnotic soundscapes, a far cry from the sleazy noise-rock perfection of this month’s Buried Wish (Northern Spy Records). Written by Frye and recorded with a cast of some of New York’s freakiest collaborators—including monster Liturgy and Guardian Alien drummer Greg Fox and Dreebs member and Jordonna mastermind Jordan Bernstein—Buried Wish revels in the glorious moments of the late 80s and early 90s when noise rock started edging into pop territory. The second track, “Blank Touch,” pays homage to the grimy call-and-response of Sonic Youth, while “River Running Sideways” channels the drowned-out folky punk of Dinosaur Jr.—and the disorienting strings and saxes of Frye’s early work are smeared atop it all.   v