Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble Credit: Olia Eichenbaum

Laetitia Sadier has been pairing honeyed, seductive melodies with lyrics that read like strident Marxist tracts since her days in Stereolab. On her new solo album, Find Me Finding You (Drag City), the tactic still works for me, more or less—I qualify that judgment because I often don’t bother paying attention to what she’s singing about, preferring to bask in the beauty of her rarefied hybrid of Brazilian pop and French chanson. Considering how awkwardly some of her lines function as lyrics—when she sings “The adjustments ahead to be made colossal” in “Double Voice, Extra Voice,” it’s a bit like watching a gymnast trip off a balance beam—the fact that I can ignore their content ought to count as high praise for the music. The record is billed to the Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble, a new name for a crew of players she’s found a real sweet spot with—they embroider their meticulously etched arrangements with bits of analog static, elegant vocal harmonies, and (on one song) a lovely cornet solo by former Chicagoan Rob Mazurek. The music could sometimes benefit from a jolt of energy, but Sadier’s voice has rarely sounded so plush and at ease, whether she’s critiquing the idea of enduring romantic love in “Love Captive” (a duet with Hot Chip front man Alexis Taylor where Sadier intones, “We are made to love, not fall in love”) or cooing the stark “Sacred Project,” where she rejects the idea that there are any opposites to love, life, and joy.   v