Goya Credit: courtesy the artist

Supersludgy Arizona three-piece Goya open their third full-length, Harvester of Bongloads (Opoponax), with the 20-minute, three-part gauntlet drop “Omen: I. Strange Geometry. II. Fade Away, III. Life Disintegrates.” They’ve always wanted to be an heir to the (dope) throne of Electric Wizard in their lighter moments and Sleep when they plan to bring it way, way, way down, and this record represents their strongest journey through sluggish lava yet. What really proves rewarding for long-endurance listening is the gradually unfolding layers of texture, and rather than just slowly churning down-tuned earth, Goya offer a whole trip’s worth of psychedelic warble and warp with rhythm and fuzz. The shorter but no less heavy tracks that come after “Omen” are a little like being served appetizers when you’re already in a coma from digesting a monster meal—and yet the relatively jaunty classic-metal sounds of “Disease” prove there’s always room for dessert.   v