Chimeka Credit: Adam Taylor

Formerly known as Chin Chilla Meek, rapper and Harvey native Chimeka shows she’s ingrained in Chicago hip-hop on her most recent self-released EP, January’s Cool. She teamed up with producers such as the hard-grinding Novacane, Twista’s right-hand man Sunny Woodz, and ZMoney’s secret weapon J. Neal, and got a nice assist from rapper the Boy Illinois, but you can easily hear the world of Chicago in her vocals. On “Champagne Showers” she adapts Ty Money’s syncopated flow, though she dispenses her run-on-sentence verses at a slower pace—whereas Ty sounds like he’s sprinting down a track, Chimeka sounds like she’s in the driver’s seat of a convertible, her left arm resting on the car door as her hand gently bobs up and down in the wind. She raps and sings through the album, casually switching between the two on “Elevator Music,” on which she finds new ways to make music about marijuana feel vital by divulging her own history with the green stuff.   v