Oozing Wound Credit: Evan Jenkins

On their brand-new fourth full-length, High Anxiety (Thrill Jockey), Chicago’s Oozing Wound have finally reached peak ooze. Formed in October 2011 by three Chicago noise rockers with a taste for heavy metal, Oozing Wound have come to be loved for their salty lyrics as much as for their off-kilter take on breakneck thrash. Kicking off with a cheery little number titled “Surrounded by Fucking Idiots,” High Anxiety takes everything great about Oozing Wound and multiplies it by ten. The whiplash tempos are still in place, the crushing volumes and fuzz-fried bass are still overwhelming, and it still overflows with agonizingly suspenseful repetition, but this time the band lean further than ever from the traditional thrash metal of their past records, instead basking in the glory of harsh, dissonant noise. High Anxiety sounds like a noise-rock band with the worst attitudes on the planet playing at 220 BPM—and it’s a record that will be hard to top. Oozing Wound have always been a next-level group, and this is easily their magnum opus.   v