Knocked Loose Credit: Courtesy the artist

Late-90s beatdown-styled hardcore—of the ilk that chugs in step with the sweet rhythm of a double-kick pedal—has been quite on the up and up in recent years, and Kentucky’s Knocked Loose have been stoked to provide some of the better pickin-up-change breakdowns of the resurgence. Last September’s Laugh Tracks (Pure Noise) is a fury of metalcore-heavy guitar licks that act as bridges from one mosh pit to the next, vocalist Bryan Garris’s raspy gasp toeing the line between exasperation and rage. With so many heavily compressed guitar grooves, of course, there tends to be a shuffle or three through nu-metal territory, but Knocked Loose mostly keep focused on stirring the pot. What they’re expert at is leading a track of torpedoing riffs toward its devolvement without much tipping their hand. Opener “Oblivions Peak,” for example, revs and sputters and churns and trudges from one measure to the next but never quite uncontrollably spins out of the album’s orbit. If video footage is any indication, tonight’s show is likely to explode into a fury of flailing arms and legs. Stay safe out there.   v