Myzica Credit: courtesy the artist

For years I’ve been low-key obsessed with the Bridges’ 2008 album Limits of the Sky (Verve Forecast), what with its infectious melodies, close harmonies, and the irresistible, sweetly hoarse vocals of Brittany Painter. Bridges bassist Issaca Byrd has since started this Nashville-based project with producer Micah Tawlks, and though I miss her old folk-rock roots, Myzica retain some of those virtues. Their 2016 full-length debut, Love & Desire (Peptalk/Tone Tree), is even less apologetic than the Bridges were about embracing the cheesy hook: “We Belong Together” could just about be an Abba track, complete with pattering synths, a sweeping chorus, and an earnest break on which Byrd repeats in multitracked ecstasy, “We belong together / Baby we belong together.” The decision to cover “Drive” by the Cars might seem like too obvious a retro-80s move, but the band pull it off—both Tawlks’s production and Byrd’s vocals are colder and less engaged than the original’s, nudging the track from bathos toward spooky alienation. I’m slowly coming to terms with never getting another Bridges record, but I’d still like to see a sophomore record from Myzica sooner rather than later.   v