Ecstatic Vision Credit: Michael Connor

As far as groove-driven heavy psych bands go, Philly’s Ecstatic Vision, right down to their grandiloquent name, ain’t necessarily cracking any mold. But then again, who says they’re trying to? A blend of drenched, swirling MC5-style riffs, Krautrock-influenced rhythms, and Beefheart-like freak vocals, the new Raw Rock Fury (Relapse) is very much a shrine to the band’s makers, existing within a slow-pulling limbo bookended by two dynamic poles: extreme wild-out psych and laid-back deep-pocket psych. Front man Doug Sabolik’s often indiscernible lyrics on the four wholly epic tracks—usually marked with a “baby!” or “yeah!” or “all right!”—tend to get drowned out by volatile blends of smoldering guitar effects, saxophone skronk, and sweaty blues harp . . . and, well, that’s just fine. Raw Rock Fury is no record you listen to through earbuds on your train ride into work. No way. Find a gaudy plush couch with springs so busted you melt into it, grow a horseshoe mustache instantaneously, apply vintage over-the-ear Koss headphones, light something born from the soil of the earth, and drop the needle. That’s the idea.   v