Ne-Hi Credit: Courtesy the artist

On their second full-length, Offers (Grand Jury), Chicago sweethearts Ne-Hi take poppy indie rock and elevate it to new levels of grandeur. Formed in 2013 by four college friends at the now-defunct DIY space Animal Kingdom, Ne-Hi released their self-titled debut via Manic Static the next year, building a beautiful, fuzzy racket by smearing sweeping melodies over their grimy basement-punk roots. On Offers Ne-Hi edge even farther away from their garage-y genesis—not to mention the dreary sounds of members’ side projects Dehd and Earring—into sophisticated pop majesty. With slick production, complex melodies, and lush, Beach Boys-inspired vocal harmonies, the record is a huge step forward for the boys, proving they’re more than just cute garage-pop faces. Ne-Hi have been destined for greatness since they first started banging around, and Offers represents their working toward that.   v