Meat Wave Credit: Matthew Schwerin

Everyone loves Meat Wave, and for good reason. The local trio have been hammering out some of the best punk rock that’s currently being made, and each of their three records has been better than its predecessor. On their newest release, a brand-new split 45 with local punks Lifestyles (out on No Trend Records), Meat Wave deliver another hit with “That’s Alright.” Riding on a hard-hitting, airtight rhythm, the song is signature Meat Wave, with Chris Sutter’s melodic vocals equal parts pop smash and unsettling, dark rant. The band have spent most of the last month on tour with emo giants Cursive, but due to life obligations, powerhouse drummer Ryan Wizniak had to sit out for a huge chunk of the trip while Rad Payoff member Jon Olson (a punk-rock shredder in his own right) filled in. At this homecoming show, Meat Wave will expand to a four-piece for one night only, with Wizniak and Olson jointly holding down the set. A band this good, with two of the city’s best drummers, makes for a performance you won’t want to miss.   v