Cloakroom Credit: Colin May

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The Cloakroom formula has been firmly in place since their first EP, Infinity, came out in 2013: beautiful, mournful vocal melodies backed by simple, half-time, solid-as-hell rock that shifts between subdued introspection and foundation-­cracking wall-of-sound heaviness. On their second full-length, the brand-new Time Well (Relapse), the northwest Indiana-based group expand their sound toward both ends of that spectrum. Time Well’s second track throws a curve by featuring a full-on, Cave In-style, feedbacky chugga-chugga breakdown, and on the second disc of this double LP, Cloakroom cool off with forlorn, spaced-out acoustic tracks that would sound right at home on a Flying Saucer Attack record. But it’s when they stick to the tried-and-true that they really shine: the first half of the album is a crushingly heavy, gorgeous, contemporary take on slowcore that easily makes Time Well one of the best rock records of the year. These dudes are ready to take you on an epic journey into space—the only thing you can really do once you press play is strap in and enjoy the ride.   v