Bryson Tiller Credit: Rolexx

On his sophomore album, True to Self, Bryson Tiller keeps doing Bryson Tiller things, like lamenting over trap-infused 808s about a girlfriend’s emotional distance and the impending end of their relationship—which may also be related to some questionable behavior of his own. “I’m busy, it’s no wonder you upset with me,” he sings on his summer single “Somethin Tells Me.” “You found a Magnum inside of my bag / Don’t know how to explain this / That was in there way before we started dating.” Tiller’s take on R&B—he called his 2015 debut record Trapsoul—is of the Drake-ian variety, empowering black men in their 20s to be vulnerable and in their feelings when it comes to women. On “Run Me Dry,” though, Tiller curses the ex who took advantage of his love for her. Over a Caribbean groove that makes you want to dance, Tiller sings, “Used to break my neck for you / Spend my paycheck on you. . . . You made me obsessed for you / Thought I had the same effect on you.” What truly kept Tiller in rotation this summer, however, was his collab with Rihanna on DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts.” Here he’s most exciting when he flexes a little lyrical bravado in his amorous pursuits: “Yeah I treat you like a lady, lady / Fuck you till you burned out, cremation.”   v