Lowhangers Credit: courtesy the artist

No fucking around, that’s the ticket. So even while the debut album from fledgling noise-rock powerhouse Lowhangers, September’s eight-track Ulterior Motives (To Live a Lie), is choked by a thick smog of busted distortion and sliced and diced by stabs of flailing feedback, its primary objective is simply to spread a path of scorched earth over its barely 15 minutes. Fleeting moments of contemplative loathing aside, vocalist and leader Cassandra Mukahirn is at a high-strung full tilt, punishing her voice to stay in step with a subterrestrial bass rumble that’s so drowned in its own muck you can barely make out note changes. Which I contend is high praise for any damaged noise-rock band. Tracks like “Worthless” and “Deprived” leave little to interpretation and little room to avoid what you’ve got coming. Even when a guitar does venture toward a melody, it quickly returns to the fray, congealing with the rest of the hateful mess—because the agony is what’s important, not the reprieves from it. During their short lifetime Lowhangers have mostly stuck to Chicago basements and other DIY offshoots, so this is an opportunity to see them at a venue with a stage—if that’s your thing.   v