T'Monde Credit: Jenny Lyons Simon

This lively Louisiana trio instill classic Cajun sounds with loads of vitality on their latest album, Yesterday’s Gone (Valcour). Accordionist Drew Simon, guitarist Megan Brown, and fiddler Kelli Jones-Savoy—wife to Joel Savoy, the record producer, musician, and scion of the famous Cajun musical family—percolate with energy, swapping vocal responsibilities from song to song and harmonizing with one another in casual fashion. Following in the footsteps of the great D.L. Menard, T’Monde tease out the connections between Cajun tradition and old-school honky-tonk, whether covering Hank Williams or Webb Pierce or deftly adding steel guitar to a Cajun French-language cover of George Strait’s “When Did You Stop Loving Me.” Jones-Savoy’s richly striated violin offers a dazzling counterpart to the gorgeous singing on the ballad “South Crowley Waltz,” imbuing tradition with something fresh.   v