This week’s poster is for Eating Rainbows, an outdoor celebration of the rainbow and the LGBTQ+ community. This annual event is organized by Jenna Liberman and Paul Octavious of the Eye Eaters project, which brings artisans from the culinary world together with visual artists to create gatherings that combine food, music, and interactive art installations. Octavious is also a photographer and graphic designer, and he created this poster using art provided by Aaron Lowell Denton of Bloomington, Indiana, whose poster work has been highlighted in the Reader before.

The organizers call Eating Rainbows a “Pride-fueled carnival,” and its performance art, installations, and food and beverage stations are influenced by the “colors of the rainbow.” In addition to food by Kelly Ijichi from Mom’s and Ollie Walleck of Heritage Bikes & Coffee, visitors can expect drag performances by Lucy Stoole, Aunty Chan, Ramona Slick, and Miss Toto along with DJ sets from Audio Jack and DJ Tess. Eye Eaters also promise something called “Go-Go Go-Karts,” which they describe as “Mario Kart meets go-go dancers.” So be prepared.

Even though the world is feeling a little safer these days as more people get the COVID-19 vaccine, Chicago’s performance communities are still reeling from the loss of wages and tips during all those months we were staying at home. It’s not too late to do something to support the people who make nightlife happen: the Reader has compiled a list of fundraisers for out-of-work or underemployed venue staff. And you can help musicians, theater artists, and other creatives by contributing to funds that offer them direct support; the Reader lists some ideas here and here.

ARTIST: Aaron Lowell Denton and Paul Octavious
GIG: Eating Rainbows featuring Lucy Stoole, Aunty Chan, Ramona Slick, and Miss Toto, plus DJ sets by Audio Jack and DJ Tess, Sat 6/26 at 6 PM outside 1400 W. Carroll, $75-$85, 21+
ARTIST INFO: Aaron Lowell Denton and Eye Eaters
NPO INFO: Proceeds benefit Brave Space Alliance.