Parquet Courts Credit: Ebru Yildiz

Parquet Courts are one of the most reliable names in indie rock. The Brooklyn four-piece release new material every year like clockwork, and most of it falls into their signature airtight, wiry postpunk pocket. But as far as I’m concerned, Parquet Courts are best when they step out of their comfort zone, such as on their experimental-leaning Parkay Quarts studio projects or their collaborative records—those include their 2015 team-up with noise rockers PC Worship (as PCPC) and last year’s Milano, cowritten with Italian composer Daniele Luppi (who also produced) and featuring guest vocals by Karen O. On this May’s Wide Awake! (Rough Trade) the band take their biggest risks yet, transforming from hella cool deadpan New York art-rockers into a Clash-flavored dance-punk outfit. Produced by the always-groovy Danger Mouse, Wide Awake! showcases the band’s undeniable sense of melody, while weaving together socially conscious messages with funky beats, jumpy bass lines, no-wave dissonance, and synth swells. It’s another unexpected turn for the band, and as long as they keep the curveballs coming, I’ll keep listening.   v