Kinsella Watch, part one: Mike Kinsella‘s solo adult-contemporary emo band, Owen, released a new seven-inch September 28 on Polyvinyl. The B side is a cover of Wilco‘s “Always in Love,” which may best the original, but Kinsella’s coif is no match for the Golden Fluffy Hair of Pat Sansone.

Kinsella Watch, part two: Tim Kinsella—the man, the legend—reported directly to Gossip Wolf this week that Cap’n Jazz guitarist Victor Villareal has joined Joan Of Arc, making the band almost an Owls reunion. JOA leaves the city shortly for tours of the midwest and Europe, then returns to record at Electrical Audio with Steve Albini—an effort that will likely be paid for by an $8,500 Kickstarter campaign ( One of the notable pledge prizes is a picture hand-drawn by Kinsella himself on the personal stationery of his deceased father. Classic.

Also employing Kickstarter to fund a recording: live hip-hop ensemble Animate Objects. Guitarist Steve Dobias tells Gossip Wolf, “We wanted to make the physical release something special, as we really feel this album is a huge step forward for us. So, we talked things over and came to the agreement that we would try out a limited run on vinyl and see how people received it. Once we started pricing out our options, though, we quickly realized that it would be a little more expensive than we could afford to front on our own.” They’re looking to raise $2,700 (; the digital version of the album, High Notes for Low Lifes, comes out November 16, distributed via VEOBA.

Chicago retro-soul combo JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound could make a dead man dance . . . even to a Wilco song. If you’ve ever heard their cover of Tweedy & Co.’s “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart,” then you know this Wolf is telling the truth. It bumps! On October 29, Brooks and the Sound are celebrating the release of their new two-song seven-inch on local imprint Addenda Records with a gig at the Hideout, with sets from the East of Edens Soul Express DJs and DJs from the monthly Soul Summit dance party. Later this fall they’ll be heading out for a handful of shows across the midwest and east coast.

Local cassette-only label Plus Tapes has just released a new trinket for your tape deck from two-piece Boy King Islands. Fall, their new album, features 11 songs, including a totally sublime cover of King Crimson’s “I Talk to the Wind.” Boy King Islands is the project of townies Jason Hunt and Zachary Mastoon; Mastoon is probably best known to listeners for his electronica/weird-hop production work as Caural. This tape is limited to 200 and includes a digital download code, in case your Walkman goes on the fritz.

When a member of punk legends the Clash stops in your store to browse, it’s pretty fucking awesome. When two members of punk legends the Clash stop in your store to browse on the same day, it probably means the end of the world is nigh . . . and it’s still pretty fucking awesome. Wicker Park’s Myopic Books was all abuzz after separate visits from Mick Jones, also known as the bro who sang a lil’ ditty called “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” and ultimate style icon (and Clash bassist) Paul Simonon. Turns out dudes were in town to perform with Gorillaz, whose tour hit UIC Pavilion this past weekend. One hyperventilating Myopic clerk (who is also the taller half of Gossip Wolf) had to tell Simonon that the book about submarine warfare he wanted was not in stock. That sucked.

Local electro-glammers Scalding Lucy inform Gossip Wolf they write their own songs, like “Kersplat!,” which explores “what John Lennon’s assassination might teach all of us about our own mortality.” OK then. But Scalding Lucy also do deeply unsettling covers, including a version of “Every Breath You Take” that mashes up the Police classic with Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away,” that song from Top Gun where Tom Cruise turns out Kelly McGillis in the shadows. Boner! Anyway, since the Police song was such a creep-fest to begin with, you can imagine how creepy their cover gets. Mega-creepy! The duo have recently released their debut album, In the Sky With Diamonds, recorded with engineer Andy Jackson, who worked a few times with some band called Pink Floyd. Scalding Lucy sound nothing like Pink Floyd. Unfortunately, Scalding Lucy does sound like Scalding Lucy. You can sample In the Sky With Diamonds through the band’s SoundCloud page and purchase it through various online retailers.