Glitter Moneyyy joined Drama Moth for a song. Credit: Brittany Sowacke

Femifest, a DIY music and art fest hosted by Bad Witch Club, started as a high school benefit concert in Des Moines, Iowa, before moving to Chicago in 2018. Now in its fifth year, the sold-out fest strives to stay true to its original intention of “promoting the safety and liberation of marginalized artists and fans.”

Friday night performers packed Auxiliary Art Center in Avondale for a raucous dance party littered with Pixy Stix and doughnuts. Hostel Earphoria, a Logan Square-based communal art, music, and gardening space founded in 2011, hosted a more intimate showcase the second night.

“I don’t just want this to be a college party,” said Femifest founder Zoey Wagner, “I want all people to feel welcome.” v