Poptone Credit: Paul Rae

Daniel Ash, former guitarist of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets, recently told Kansas City’s the Pitch that he was inspired to take to the road again following a half-asleep 4 AM encounter with Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” during which he felt his late old acquaintance Lemmy urging him to get his ass back out there. It’s really no more outlandish than anything else in his career—including his final attempt at a Bauhaus reunion, which ended fairly decisively after the 2008 album Go Away White (Cooking Vinyl). This retrospective band consists of Ash, drummer Kevin Haskins—who was in all three aforementioned bands—and Haskins’s daughter Diva Dompe. Set lists from the tour have shown a heavy emphasis on Tones on Tail, the very underrated goth-pop project that filled the mid-80s interregnum between Bauhaus and Love and Rockets. Since the set won’t include any songs cowritten with bassist (and Haskins’s brother) David J—who never played in Tones on Tail—it’s a pretty logical period on which to focus. It’s also a rewarding one that includes many of Ash’s best songs. And though it does disqualify a number of Love and Rockets’ best tunes, their catalog remains a deep one.   v