A new building’s been growing on the southeast corner of Lincoln and Wilson. Rumor has it Starbucks has dibs on the spot. When a boxy turret crowned the entrance recently, someone taped up a Post-it pad and a pen, and a conversation on yellow squares quickly papered the door. Here’s what people were saying:

Love to hate you

The tower is horrible. How could you?

The tower is unattractive; sidewalk terror for 9 months

I think the tower looks like a barn

The tower looks like something for a puppet show.

Who is pulling Schulter’s strings?

Starbucks sux and it’s killing our neighborhood

They have weird coffee. It stinks.

Go to hell

Die Yuppie Scum

What does it feel like to be so hated?

I have no strong opinion and will see how it goes

Sex is better than this building

A. All of you have way too much spare time. B. I can’t wait to pay for my over-priced coffee. C. The tower bites.

I place a pox upon this building. On March 21st a pot of steamed milk will spontaneously combust and burn this place down.