Sibling Credit: Joseph Mauro

New York power-electronics duo Sibling was started by Jacob Winans and Lux Philips shortly after they met at a May 2017 show at Brooklyn DIY arts space/music venue Heck, where Philips was tattooing concertgoers in the basement (in an e-mail to me, he recalls giving Winans “a fucked up clown face on their abdomen”). Soon after, Philips was slated to play a solo set at another venue, but instead Winans joined him for an unpracticed, spur-of-the-moment collaboration. Philips describes their early material as “mostly a trite, raw expression of the frustration we felt within the monotony of noise as a ‘genre’ having become dominated by various boring iterations of white cis-masculine rage.” In the time since, the two have put their noses to the grindstone, working out their growing pains and fleshing out new ideas. Their brand-new EP, Survivor’s Guilt (their first for Hot Releases), is a tightly composed, pummeling heap of negativity that’s lyrically buffeted by what Philips calls “long-form insults.” These take an interesting turn for the listener when it becomes clear that the unnamed “you” Philips is screaming at is himself, as he balances feelings of alienation with his desire to belong and the double-edged fear of and need for peer-group assimilation. Tonight Sibling will bring their minimal gear and maximal anger to Chicago for their local debut, where they’ll showcase the rumbling chaos of Survivor’s Guilt. Also on the bill are three Chicago acts: black-metal band Ozzuario, experimental pop artist Elena Chimaera, and DJ Shuffle—also known as weirdo Chicago staple Andy Ortmann.  v