Lianne La Havas Credit: John-Paul Pietrus

“We are unstoppable,” Lianne La Havas sings on the first track from her second album, Blood (Warner Bros.). So far she’s done nothing but prove herself right. The UK singer-songwriter and Prince protege has toured through Europe since Blood‘s release at the end of July, and now she’s about to jog through North America. Live, she backs up her impeccably smooth voice by alternately playing guitar and bass; her band deftly fleshes out the full, rich sound of her studio arrangements. Though it’s supposed to be an album about finding and honoring your roots, Blood in many ways also addresses the rush of striking out on your own and getting lost in new cities. La Havas easily mingles with pop, R&B, and soul on the new record; she’s the type of singer who can slip into a variety of modes without ever sounding forced, and her confidence as a performer is a joy to witness live. —Sasha Geffen

Sun 10/4, Park West, 322 W. Armitage, 773-929-1322,, $29.50. 18+