The current core lineup of Cheer-Accident: Dante Kester, Jeff Libersher, Thymme Jones, and Amelie Morgan Credit: Vilma Jovaisa

Last summer Cheer-Accident dropped Putting Off Death, their first album in six years. And they’re definitely alive—last Friday the long-running local art-rock squad released another LP for fans to get weird to! Fades (Skin Graft) features guests such as Sleepytime Gorilla Museum veteran Carla Kihlstedt, bassoonist Katherine Young, and vocalist Sacha Mullin, who lend their eccentricities to the tunes. The proggy new wave of “Done” sparkles with brass—trumpet, trombone, and “mouthbone” (aka leader Thymme Jones making horn noises with his face). Cheer-Accident return from a west-coast tour to play the Beat Kitchen on Saturday, June 9, with Free Salamander Exhibit and Faun Fables.

Grün Wasser combine rich vocals and dark beats into heady industrial pop—Gossip Wolf digs the local duo’s 2016 tape, Nein/9. On Tuesday, June 5, they drop the album Predator/Prey on vinyl (self-released) and CD and cassette (both via Always Lovers). Band members Keely Dowd and Essej Pollock call it “a personal narrative of assaults, abuse, and the act of survival, focusing largely on relaying the harrowing existence of the female ‘condition.'” Lead single “Trace It Back” is a hard-charging, EBM-infused call-out of a “bunch of creeps.” Grün Wasser celebrate Tuesday at Danny’s by playing at Beau Wanzer’s monthly Hot on the Heels party.

Owen Ashworth of Advance Base runs local indie label Orindal Records, and he’s got a great ear for intimate, electrifying tunes. On Sunday, June 3, Orindal hosts a showcase at the Landland print shop (1735 N. Ashland) with local singer-songwriter and recent signee Gia Margaret, Tucson experimentalist Karima Walker, and Advance Base. Owen’s brother, Gordon Ashworth, spins records between sets. Landland prints and Orindal merch will be on sale—check out the new Dear Nora record, Skulls Example. You can get advance tickets to the all-ages show at  v

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