Minibeast Credit: Courtesy the Artist

In March, Providence postpunk trio Minibeast launched a Kickstarter to raise funds to master and manufacture vinyl editions of two albums called Ism—one subtitled Volume Silver, the other Volume Gold. The band reached their goal at the end of the month, and in September they self-released those two LPs of expansive, oddball rock, which they’d infused with Afropop rhythms, spiraling psych guitars, and a healthy shot of feral punk attitude. The voice that bellows and yawps through the haze should be familiar to anyone well versed in the music of the 80s American punk underground: it belongs to Peter Prescott, who famously played drums and sang with Boston art-punks Mission of Burma. In Minibeast, Prescott sings, plays guitar and keys, and makes electronic noises that the band identify as “other” on their Facebook page; bassist Niels LaWhite and drummer Keith Seidel lay down tight, sometimes cerebral rhythms that allow Prescott to venture way out on whatever instrument he’s playing. On the lumbering, occasionally goofy “Crowd Pleasure,” he dryly sings, “Crowd pleasure / Don’t come with no guarantee,” which could be a warning—if you’re not into freaky punk ragas that explore the fuzzed-out tones of a droning melody, Minibeast might not be your bag. But if you keep your mind open to surprises, the nasty funk of “Yo/Limbo” and the feral throb of “Town Cryer” could press all the right buttons.   v