The core of the Roommate live band, from left: Gillian Lisée, Seth Vanek (seated), Kent Lambert, and Sam Wagster Credit: Courtesy the artist

Outstanding Chicago psych-pop group Roommate have made barely a peep since playing a June 2015 residency at the Hideout and releasing the album Make Like that month. But main dude Kent Lambert has resuscitated the project, dropping the single “Kepler-452B” on Bandcamp last week—and in a departure from the full-band sessions for Make Like, he recorded it alone (with some mixing by Nick Broste). “I’ve been playing guitar for the last couple of years for the first time since high school, and I went a little crazy with pedals and overdubs,” he says. “Its debts to MBV are fairly gratuitous.” The Roommate live band of Lambert, bassist Gillian Lisée, drummer Seth Vanek, and guitarist Sam Wagster will be joined by Broste on electronics and Amanda Kraus on percussion for a show at Sleeping Village on Friday, May 11. Lightfoils headline; opening is Sip, the self-described “bohemian electronics” project by Jimmy Lacy (late of Black Math and Population).

In April ghetto-house and footwork producer DJ Clent celebrated his birthday at Hales Franciscan High School in Grand Boulevard. On Saturday, May 12, he returns to the school to spin at the Low End Reunion, another huge party full of juke, ghetto house, and footwork! Ghetto-house architect DJ Deeon, footwork pioneer DJ PJ, and juke master DJ Slugo join Clent, along with scene veterans DJ Stew, DJ Monty, and DJ Lemo. It’s an old-school event in more than one way—only people 30 or older can attend. It starts at 7 PM and costs $10 for women, $20 for men.

Punky underground band Swimsuit Addition finished recording their final full-length, Dumb Dora, in 2016, and though they’re split up they’ll finally drop it on Monday, May 14. Midwest Action will release it on tape and digitally, and more formats may be coming. Also keep your eyes peeled for the companion graphic novel, made by singer-guitarist Jen Dot and Indiana-based artist Brett Manning!  v

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