Angel Davanport Credit: Graham Gardner

In the middle of P.O.S’s “Gravedigger,” which is tucked into the back of his 2017 album Chill, Dummy, the track opens up to make way for a  verse from Angel Davanport. Credited as Angelenah, the Chicago MC and singer lets loose as if her lines were pent-up in her stomach, just waiting to spring out. Her performance gives even more gravity to heavy lines such as “Work three jobs ’cause I just can’t breathe / And when I do chase bread it’s ’cause I need to eat.” Whenever Davanport takes to the microphone—which unfortunately isn’t as frequently as I’d like—she makes sure she never wastes a second. On her compact new EP, Sore but Grateful (released via her Rapper Chicks collective), she squeezes her red-hot energy, impassioned delivery, and larger-than-life personality into three lean tracks. On “Jesus” she raps about her sexuality with a lascivious bite atop an anxious, occasionally spooky party instrumental provided by the Hood Internet. At times Davanport’s intensity can border on frightening, but her control and poise suggest she knows what’s best for every listener.   v