Chris Crack Credit: Courtesy the artist

Chicago rapper and New Deal Crew leader Chris Crack was fairly prolific, averaging three major releases per year, till last June—that month he put out Troll Till They Fold and then fell silent. He didn’t return to releasing music till last week, when he uploaded Nobody Cares (Thanksforlettingmebemyself) to Soundcloud. He’s formatted the mixtape as a single 36-minute track, with no information to identify any of the songs or indicate when they begin or end. Crack says he wants everyone to digest the entire thing: “No skipping around and being picky.”

Last November, psychedelic Chicago six-piece Lovejoy dropped “Phoebe,” the power-poppy lead single from their new album, The Girl From the Crystal Cave—and Gossip Wolf still can’t get enough of their Strokes-meet-the-Flaming Lips chops! This week the band (and FeelTrip Records) finally release the finished LP in preparation for a nationwide tour in July. On Friday, June 23, Lovejoy celebrate at Martyrs’ with soulful groovers the King of Mars and garage stompers Brisco Darling.

Also on Friday, June 23, Teklife footwork stunt man DJ Paypal swings through East Room with a couple producers who have releases on his Mall Music Inc. label—DJ Orange Julius and DJ Mastercard. He’s also lined up some fine Chicago DJs to open, and among them, Gossip Wolf is particularly psyched to see Jana Rush. She began spinning at age ten in the early 90s and soon became the only woman with a record on iconic ghetto-house label Dance Mania—a 1996 split with DJ Deeon called The Armagedon. For much of the 2000s, Rush withdrew from music, but over the past few years she’s reemerged, collaborating with Teklife producer Boylan and contributing a track to the 2016 compilation Beta Orionis from local label Deep Space Objects. Next month UK imprint Objects Limited releases Rush’s debut full-length, Pariah, and she’ll likely test out new tracks at Friday’s show!  v

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