Ifeanyi Elswith Credit: Photo by James Washington Jr.

If it weren’t for the threat of being inundated with dangerous germs, for the next few months Gossip Wolf would be commandeering the speakers at house parties and barbecues to play Everything Festyle, the dynamite new R&B album from local Garifuna musician Ifeanyi Elswith. Of course, you can blast the record yourself once it arrives on Friday, July 24—but if you do it at a party, please wear a mask, OK? Elswith, who lives in Avalon Park, is part of the crew associated with up-and-coming local label Rosebud Allday, and her impressive vocal range lets her supercharge the vivid melodies of radio-ready singles such as “XO” and “Fefestyle.” But it’s her witty, relatable lyrics that make this album feel like an intimate conversation with the coolest girl on the block. Everything Festyle has all the hallmarks of a star-making turn.

In April 2016, Luca Cimarusti hailed this local trio in the Reader: “Warrior Tribes add an eerie, unsettling touch of the Wipers’ sound to their 90-second blasts of hardcore punk.” The band broke up in 2018, but this month they finally dropped their debut full-length, The Con, recorded in 2017 with Daylight Robbery guitarist David Wolf. “Since 2020 is a wreck of a year and we’re not a functioning band anyway,” says bassist Bill Molloy, “any money brought in” will be donated to My Block My Hood My City and Assata’s Daughters. “I’ll be matching the sales for a while too,” Molloy adds, “since I’ve been lucky enough to keep my regular job going through the COVID shutdown.”

Earlier this month, local bedroom-pop artist Meredith Johnston released her latest full-length as Warm Human, The Bummer Album, and this wolf thinks it’ll end up one of the best releases of the summer. These heart-wrenching songs use glassy, cinematic synths to meld austere postpunk, gentle indie rock, and threadbare folk. The Bummer Album is available digitally via Warm Human’s Bandcamp page.  v

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