Gus Dapperton Credit: courtesy the artist

Although he’s only a hair’s breadth into his 20s, Gus Dapperton makes effervescent music that feels like it emerged from an early 80s time capsule that was discovered buried deep within a picturesque California mountainside. The songs on his self-released EP Yellow and Such, which came out last August, are so mellow that even its faint tambourines vibrate like thunder, and they contain the kind of luminescent keys and gently reverberating guitars that evoke the atmosphere of beachfront vacations (which most of us who are stuck in single-digit weather yearn for right about now). Dapperton’s easygoing vocals sugarcoat any subtle inflections of glumness, misery, or tension. The lackadaisical, psych-twinged single “I’m Just Snacking” exudes a comfort beyond its breezy feel; it bears a familiarity and an intimate friendliness that suggest you’ve sought out this very song in times of joy and loneliness long before even you knew it existed. Dapperton—who also moonlights as a hip-hop producer—exhibits an understanding of how to make songs that stick to your brain like gum on the underside of your shoe, and if you enjoy throwback rock with a soft pop touch, it’s easy to feel like he’s made his them just for you.   v