Salvation Credit: Aaron Ehinger

A combo of tortured and defiant, the hard-nasal wail of Salvation front man Jason Sipe is one that every angsty young punk who grew up on the streets of the 90s fantasized about. Like Cobain meets Yow meets Dremel Saw-Max applied to pavement, it slices through the trio’s loosey-goosey noise rock—which lands somewhere between the posthardcore of early era Rye Coalition and the manic punk of Louisville’s long-gone Lords—and drags the gnarled remnants behind. More plaintive and drugged out than the trio’s 2015 LP Royal Fucks, Salvation’s new Sore Loser (officially out March 31 via local imprint Forge Again Records) is still as pained and loud. The dudes might take pickaxes to a track’s underlying groove—like on “The Protagonist”—or stretch out and leave plenty of space for Sipe to hit his most disturbed, his vocals shifting from Buffalo Bill to high-strung and heated in a second (“Voices in the House”). Tonight’s show is the release party for Sore Loser, and LPs will be available.   v