Tim Daisy and Dave Rempis Credit: Andrej Chudy

Saxophonist Dave Rempis and percussionist Tim Daisy have been stalwarts of Chicago’s improvised music scene for more than two decades. During that time they’ve grown, listened, and explored together while collaborating in many contexts and deeply expanding their sound worlds. That’s deftly illustrated on the recent double CD Dodecahedron (Aerophonic), which celebrates their shared history. Though on the duo’s 2005 album, Back to the Circle (Okka Disk), they opted for terse exchanges that tended to investigate specific ideas, the first disc of the new album mirrors a more organic, episodic approach where each participant trusts in his ability to push each encounter forward. “Eikosi” engages in seemingly endless twists and turns with natural ebb-and-flow machinations that for 28 gripping minutes give the sense that the ideas sprout out of one another. The music moves from fiery to contemplative with plenty of stops in between; while the duo has long revealed an almost telepathic connection, the first disc captures them at their most locked-in. The second disc puts their relationship at the core of improvised performances with a disparate cast of associates, all of whom will be present for tonight’s release concert: vibist Jason Adasiewicz, pianist Jim Baker, cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm, trombonist Steve Swell, bassoonist Katie Young, and electronic tinkerer Aaron Zarzutzki. The various trio configurations those guests form with the duo create a dazzling range of approaches that showcase the practiced versatility of Rempis and Daisy, who stretch to accommodate the garrulous bleats of Swell, the slippery abstractions of Zarzutzki, and the electronically smudged lines of Young.   v