Fear at Riot Fest 2018 Credit: Ryan Segedi

In photographs of bands at festivals, typically the musicians are paying attention to the crowd, to their instruments, or to each other—they don’t tend to act like they know the camera is there. Ryan Segedi’s portraits of artists at Riot Fest, taken with portable lights in front of a simple white backdrop in the corner of the festival’s press tent, provide a more intimate look at people we’re used to seeing under colored spotlights.

Segedi’s original idea was to photograph musicians right after they left the stage, but when it became clear that logistics would prevent that, Reader director of photography Jamie Ramsay assembled a three-day shoot schedule that would work with artists’ set times, flights, and PR obligations. On average these portraits were done less than a minute apiece, creating a spontaneous expression of the moods and personalities of Riot Fest. —Philip Montoro

Credit: Ryan Segedi