Shannon Candy, founder of Bernice Records and Tapes, onstage with Strawberry Jacuzzi Credit: Stan Golovchuk

Gossip Wolf conceded that Cassette Store Day was “kinda silly” when it debuted in 2013, but it’s still going strong—this year it’s on October 8! Shannon Candy, guitarist for punk confectioners Strawberry Jacuzzi, sure feels this retail holiday’s boom-box vibe—she’s started a label called Bernice Records and Tapes, and her first release is a local cassette compilation! Super Roar: Volume One features 18 tracks from Chicago indie acts, including Gossip Wolf faves Swimsuit Addition and Bleach Party. On Saturday, October 1, four bands from the comp—Bloom, Daymaker, Soddy Daisy, and So Pretty—play a release party at the Auxiliary Art Center (3012 W. Belmont).

Local musician Seth Engel plays in fourth-wave emo supergroup Lifted Bells, nervy rock band Coaster, mathy instrumental act Bathing Resorts, and probably a few others Gossip Wolf can’t remember, but since 2009 he’s somehow found time for at least one release every year from his solo vehicle, Options. On Friday, September 30, he drops the wistful Options full-length Maxed Out, which sits at the intersection of power pop and emo. It comes out on Sooper Records, cofounded by frequent Engel collaborator Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, and Options celebrates its arrival by headlining a free show at Schubas on Tuesday, October 4.

Have you found the password to your sister’s ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s Netflix account so you can stream Joe Swanberg’s new show, Easy? Then you might’ve noticed that the Chicago-based program features some local musicians. Angie Mead of Redgrave makes a cameo to chew out Marc Maron’s graphic-novelist character—who deserves it for saying the Reader is staffed by 12-year-olds! A couple of the Lemons rehearse a version of “Lemoncita,” and Kenny Alden (aka Luke, Tokyo Drifter) pensively watches a book talk at City Lit. Plus Numero Group music soundtracks one of the show’s steamiest scenes!   v

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