The Men Credit: Josh Goleman

In a recent Ghettoblaster interview with Mark Perro and Nick Chiericozzi, who cofront postpunk band the Men, Perro described the creative approach that’s led the group to produce its stylistically scattered series of albums: “We’ve tried to make the same record forever. We’ve tried to make the same exact record since the beginning, and in my mind, we haven’t accomplished that.” Despite that alleged failure the Men have emerged with some great music since they formed in 2008, particularly during their three-album run at the beginning of this decade, bookended by the pig-fuck crush of 2010’s Immaculada and 2012’s country-tinged Open Your Heart. For March’s Drift (Sacred Bones), the Men largely did away with electric guitars (with the exception of the distortion-encrusted “Killed Someone”) and wound up with a collection of moody, atmospheric songs occasionally punctuated with saxophone. I don’t mind if the Men think they’ve been unable to make the same record year after year as long as they continue to come up with songs like the mutant Krautrock bummer “Maybe I’m Crazy,” the album’s opener, which sets a high bar that unfortunately few other songs on Drift come close to clearing.   v