Show Me the Body Credit: Broke Fetch

The members of New York punk group Show Me the Body write barbed, sludgy songs that make it sound like they all woke up on the wrong side of the Dumpster. The band’s work draws on the distorted alt-rock and nasty pigfuck of 20-plus years ago as well as contemporary artists across a broad spectrum: the new mixtape Corpus I (Loma Vista/Concord Music Group) is a collaborative affair featuring snarling Florida rapper Denzel Curry, New York cyborg-folk mystic Eartheater, lo-fi Memphis rapper Cities Aviv, Philly noise poet Moor Mother, and Massachusetts indie hybrid Mal Devisa. Show Me the Body’s wide-open sound leaves plenty of room for guests to make a space of their own without diluting an already burbling, acidic concoction. “Trash,” the only song the group performs without support, features serrated and distorted banjo notes and sandpaper croaks above a digitized industrial stomp; the single’s brutal simplicity is reflected in the video, which shows front man Julian Cashwan Pratt showering in a stream of brown and red liquid that pours down and covers up the Star of David tattoo on his left arm. All three members of Show Me the Body are Jewish, and since tonight’s show kicks off the first night of Passover this could be a hell of an alternative seder.   v