Slothrust Credit: Courtesy the Artist

Slothrust would be a great doomy sludge-metal band name: with each utterance of it you can practically hear slow-grinding feedback and monster power chords being crushed beneath toppling rhythms. That doesn’t quite describe the actual Slothrust, though. The trio does have a heavy grunge snarl a la Mudhoney or Soundgarden, but it’s leavened by Leah Wellbaum’s winsome vocals and the indie-rock song structures lurking under the murk. Their second album, Everyone Else (Dangerbird), released last October, is a fuzzed-out slab of classic and alternative rock—half swagger, half stagger. The first instrumental track, “Surf Goth,” touches on Dick Dale before getting weighed down in distortion and bad vibes. Solthrust aren’t as mercurial as the Pixies, but there’s a bit of a deranged/sweet sneer on “Pseudo Culture” when Wellbaum sings “Pseudo culture fucks me all the time” before launching into harmonized girl-group-like ooohs. “The Last Time I Saw My Horse” locks into a blues vamp as the drums make a sloppy thud and Wellbaum hazily declares, “I heard a rumor you were frozen underwater / Molecules, clusterfuck.” On “Horseshoe Crab” her vocals rise to the level of a latter-day Grace Slick: “Sometimes I think that I’m a seahorse / Sometimes I think that I’m a horseshoe crab.” Not metal, quite, but a reminder that the hippies invented metal, in all its woozy, heavy, spaced-out glory.   v