Snail Mail Credit: Courtesy the Artist

In a recent feature published in the New York Times Lindsey Jordan, who makes music under the name Snail Mail, said of the material she wrote for her debut full-length Lush (Matador), “The songs all had to have that moment for me where I feel like when I was playing live I could cry.” Though she’s only 18, her musical prepossession and clarity, cool precision, and depth as a singer would suggest someone older. Her heart-on-sleeve vulnerability shines through in leanly constructed indie pop songs that hark back to the 90s—especially early Liz Phair—in their unfussy directness, though Jordan’s melodic instincts feel tailor-made for Top 40 radio. Most of the tunes revel in her youth and lack of life experience (and seemingly fulfill her aim in writing them, as far as the feelings they convey) but there’s enough universal detail that they could generate emotional memories for almost anyone listening. In “Heat Wave” she obsesses over an unrequited love, yearning for something she knows isn’t going to happen: “Tell me that I’m the only one / And I hope I never get a clue.” Snail Mail hasn’t exactly carved out fresh territory yet, but considering Jordan’s intelligence, confidence, and skill, it’s only a matter of time.   v