Jon Langford Credit: Juan Perez-Fajardo

The passenger pigeon was once the most common bird in North America, numbering in the billions. When in flight, their immense flocks darkened the sun for hours. Humans—acting at our absolute worst—killed every single one of them. The last passenger pigeon, a 29-year-old bird named Martha, died alone at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914. In honor of Remembrance of Lost Species Day on November 30, singer-songwriters Rebecca Jasso and Sarah Eide have organized an intimate evening featuring a small but potent cast of musicians including Steve Dawson, Robin Bienemann, Jon Langford, Ami Saraiya, and Alisa Rosenthal (who will double as emcee). For the occasion, each songwriter has written an original song about a lost or nearly lost creature. Langford is taking on the adorable axolotl (if that truly becomes extinct I will cry); Jasso will sing for the Honshu wolf, a Japanese subspecies of the gray wolf that was wiped out after the rabies was introduced to this country in the 1700s; Sairaya’s song is for the tragic and mysterious thylacine (aka the Tasmanian tiger), and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Proceeds go to benefit the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota.   v