Bonaventure Credit: courtesy the artist

Swiss-Congolese producer Soraya Lutangu, who records and performs as Bonaventure, makes music that sounds like a late-night Internet-surfing session fueled by sugar and adrenaline. “I really don’t have any agenda or strategy when it comes to composing music. I definitely get inspired by my surrounding, not even in the glamorous sense of the term—literally the everyday life,” she told the site Pan African Music in November. “Most of the time, I find another idea while I am trying to remember the initial idea so it is really like constantly surprising myself.” Her debut EP for celebrated outre electronic label Planet Mu, November’s Mentor, stutters, shivers, and shakes as Lutangu pieces together shards of the dreamy Angolan dance genre kizomba, the minimalist Ivory Coast pop sound coupé-decalé, and the anxious energy of gabber and hardstyle. Her vision comes out celestial—as if the sounds on Mentor not only span our globe, but other planets as well—and though these tracks contain plenty of unexpected twists and turns, Lutangu always provides a pulse that any listener can easily latch onto.   v