For emo-rock outfit All Get Out, the 2010s were a turbulent decade. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, the band made their breakthrough in 2011 with their second full-length, The Season, before relocating to Texas, where it took them five years to put out their follow-up, 2016’s Nobody Likes a Quitter (Bad Timing). Though it was a little less raucous than their earlier releases, it was full of harmony-driven indie bangers. The band released No Bouquet (Equal Vision) in 2018, which complements the light southern accent of front man Nathan Hussey with new layers of Americana influence and charm, thanks to Kyle Samuel’s lap steel and baritone guitar. Hussey explores his vulnerabilities in the band’s songs of life, love, change, and self-doubt, and they’re on full display on standout tracks “Survive,” and “God Damn.” Hussey has moved to Northport, Alabama, and the group borrowed the name of his new home for the title of their latest EP, July’s The Northport Sessions, which contains a tender, percussion-free ballad, “Northport,” as well as stripped-back versions of four No Bouquet songs. Live, though, you can expect All Get Out to focus on their jangly, noisy rock ’n’ roll riffs, which they pair with minor-key melodies and anthemic choruses while Hussey alternates between delicate singing and trembling yowls. If you’re a fan of mature, old-school emo and hook-driven indie rock, this show ought to hit the spot.   v