A Place to Bury Strangers Credit: Ebru Yildiz

Once proclaimed “New York’s Loudest Band,” this Brooklyn-based trio has had a rough time of it since the recording Transfixiation, which was released in 2015. Front man Oliver Ackermann had cofounded the Death by Audio effects pedals company in a Williamsburg warehouse in 2002, and in 2007 the building evolved to include a co-op music venue of the same name. The band also made their home there, but in 2014 the building was taken over by Vice Media, and the tenants were evicted (the events were the subject of a 2016 documentary by Matthew Conboy). Ackermann laments in the liner notes of last April’s Pinned that he can’t get as loud as he’d like to in his current space. That constraint may explain why the album feels more restrained and less overwhelming than the band’s previous releases—its roaring noise sounds like one massive element that’s made to serve in place to calculated effect among the dark, minimalist menace. New drummer and singer Lia Simone Braswell is a highlight, a chilling chanteuse amid the surging wreckage. But though the album may be the result of a setback, they’re unlikely to be held down for long, especially since they have the support of their peers; brand-new this month is Re-Pinned, which features remixes of the Pinned songs by Slowdive, No Age, Trentemoller, Eric Copeland, Davy Drones, Metz, TBO, and Roly Porter, who peel apart each track’s layers and weaves them into something new.   v