Spirit Adrift Credit: Alvino Salcedo

Multi-instrumentalist Nate Garrett has been upfront in interviews about his struggles with alcoholism that underlie the painful, personal cry from the void that is the 2016 debut of Spirit Adrift, Chained to Oblivion. In those days, Spirit Adrift was a one-man band; Garrett meticulously created its heavy, bludgeoning sound layer by layer, summoning a haunting roar that sounds like it comes from a solitary monster who’s the last of his kind. But what a difference a year makes: the Spirit Adrift on 2017’s Curse of Conception is a full band, with a lineup that includes bassist Chase Mason, with whom Garrett also plays with in Arizona death metal outfit Gatecreeper. The sound on the new album builds on the molten lava roots of its predecessor with fierce new aggression, and folds classic metal, southern boogie, and thrash influences into a lean mean versatile machine. Spirit Adrift is not an overtly political band, but Garrett told Noisey that his feelings of physical illness after the 2016 election were a motivating factor behind it all; it’s a huge leap forward for a band that has great things in its future.   v