GRIFTERS, 10/23, LOUNGE AX On record this Memphis band weave a somewhat maddening labyrinth of bewildering obscurantism, swaddling their catchy, unpredictable tunes songs with wild splotches of noise, tune fragments, and general confusion. Live, however, it’s another story. Instead of burying their treasure, they inject their hooky, melody-rich rock songs with raunchy Memphis swagger. Hope they leave their arty pretentions home. BOREDOMS,10/28, METRO Osaka’s acrobatic Boredoms perform mind-numbing antecedent-destroying stop-start punk rock mayhem. Genre-bending frontman Yamatsuka Eye is the manic vocalist in John Zorn’s Naked City, as well as the leader of units as disparate as Hanatarash, Audio Sports, and UFO or Die. Here he leads a frenzied chorus of hyperactive grunt-vocalese over a wildly spasming bass, guitar, and twin-drum roar. Grueling physical stunts like mid-air belly-to-belly body slams enhance the dizzying musical blitz. Currently the Greatest Show on Earth. TISH HINOJOSA, 10/23, ORCHESTRA HALL Austin’s Tish Hinojosa has forged a rich pop style that draws seamlessly upon country, Tex-Mex, western swing, corridos, and other North American folk strains. Hinojosa’s graceful lyrics–from socially conscious tunes like “Something in the Rain,” dedicated to Cesar Chavez, to spare, poignant love songs and heartfelt meditations on the beauty of the southwest–compliment the pure keening of her voice, with the its soft but resonant finish. A solid argument for musical cross-pollination. MALACHI THOMPSON, 10/22, HOTHOUSE This concert will feature trumpeter Thompson’s somewhat schmaltzy, oversweetned Africa Brass, but the real reason to attend is to catch his fiery Freebop Band. This quintet, which includes the terrific Carter Jefferson on tenor sax, pushes the postbop envelope hard, infusing Thompson’s solid, accessible writing with energetic, adventurous playing. IRIS DE MENT, 10/27, SCHUBAS For the last couple of years Arkansas-raised Iris DeMent has been giving folk-country a swift-kick. Her excellent debut on Philo, Infamous Angel, picked up by Warner Bros. this past spring, beautifully showcases her powerful combination of hillbilly-touched vocal purity and deceptively simple lyrics of touching profundity. Her “Let the Mystery Be.” offers an unsappy, life-affirming embrace. CRASH WORSHIP, 10/23, WORLD TATOO This intriguing San Diego music/performance troupe is reputed to pack a percussion-heavy wallop that whips its audiences into a ritualistic frenzy. The show’s augmented by visual phenomena that include smoke, fire, (beef) blood, and fireworks; rumors persist that some audience members were so transported they copulated openly during the performance.