In the unlikely event you don’t already know the drill: for most of the past year, Bandcamp has passed along its usual cut of sales revenue on the first Friday of the month. This practice began as a one-off to help independent artists and labels make up for income lost to pandemic concert cancellations, but it’s evolved into a dependable monthly shopping spree that’s generated a decent chunk of change. The total sales on 2020’s nine Bandcamp days were $40 million.

I’ve developed my own habit of celebrating Bandcamp Fridays by compiling recent Reader coverage of artists whose music you can buy on Bandcamp. The next one arrives on Friday, April 2, so I combed through our features, reviews, columns, blog posts, and “Best of Chicago” items to make this list. Add this one to the roundups from February and March, plus the nine from 2020—March, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December. As always, I hope you find a song or artist that excites you.

Adrasteia / Lehman, Split MMXXI

Alkilith, The Shores of Evermeet

Altin Gün, Yol

Autarkh, Form in Motion

Julien Baker, Little Oblivions

Cafe Racer, Shadow Talk

Josh Caterer, The Hideout Sessions

Cherry Cordial, Cherry Cordial

Date Stuff, Date Stuff EP

Deeper, Auto-Pain and “This Heat (Working Men’s Club Remix)”

Floatie, Voyage Out

Folie, 123!

ÉSSO, Xicago

A Flor de Piel, Mental Lockdown

Ezra Furman, Sex Education OST

Gabacho, Gabacho EP

Genghis Tron, Dream Weapon

Terence Hannum, Dissolving the Bonds

Serena Isioma, Sensitive

Valerie June, The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers

Vince Kaichan, Lost in Time

Mazen Kerbaj, The Corona Diaries

Kevin and Hell, Wilty Pleasures

The Knees, Posture

Kuzu, The Glass Delusion

The Los Sundowns, The Los Sundowns EP

Minor Moon, Tethers

Hafez Modirzadeh, Facets

Nonagon, They Birds

OK Cool, Anomia and “Divers”

Armando Pérez, Raza

Porcupine, The Sibyl

Lester Rey & Moondoctor, CCFX

Hedra Rowan, Nothing’s Wrong, Now You’re Beside Me Again

Senyawa, Alkisah

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Theory of Ice

Spooky Action Space Captain, Wet Bread

Spread Joy, Spread Joy

Pauline Anna Strom, Angel Tears in Sunlight

Stuck, Change Is Bad

Sunburned Hand of the Man, Pick a Day to Die

Tree, Soul Trap

Various artists, Warm Violet: A Compilation for Chicago Community Jail Support

Ric Wilson, “Fight Like Ida B and Marsha P”  v