Suicideyear Credit: Nick Vernet

Experimental electronic music has always enjoyed an alliance with gloom; that is, dark clothes, darker beats, and the darkest venues. The more decrepit the warehouse, the better. But Baton Rouge-based James Richard Prudhomme, known as Suicideyear, eschews those types of blues in favor of—if you believe it—a refreshing ray of sunlight. Following a series of mixtapes and two EPs, his first full volume of original solo material, Color the Weather (out July 6 on LuckyMe), is a swirling distillation of zydeco’s fast-paced, tinny percussion with the Xanax-soaked hip-hop of his peers. Album track “Kept Distance” lurches with heady melodies dotted with scattered synths, a millennial nod to the unmistakable washboard folk common in Louisiana. And in keeping with his intellectual, optimistic approach to electronic music, he’s remixed a wide range of artists, from Britney Spears to My Bloody Valentine to Yung Lean (a frequent collaborator). Tonight Suicideyear will perform at the Co-Prosperity Sphere in Bridgeport. Those who make the trip over will be rewarded with electronic music that shimmers like city lights.   v