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Leor Galil
Reader staff writer

1 PM  Tree‘s rugged soul-trap tracks are easily one of the few things that’ll still sound good if the fest’s sound system is wonky. As much as I want to see Rashad, I’d prefer to catch him at 1 AM instead of 1 PM.

1:55 PM  Any time of day is the right time for Autre Ne Veut‘s R&B burners.

2:30 PM  The only thing better than Killer Mike and El-P using their back-to-back sets to play their Run the Jewels material would be if Big Boi showed up to do “Banana Clipper.”

4 PM  Slip away from El-P’s set to see Waxahatchee shrink the Blue Stage with the piercingly intimate songs off Cerulean Salt.

5 PM  I’m still not entirely sure Lil B is an actual human who breathes air and other junk, so I’ll stake out a spot by the Red Stage that’s good enough for me to verify his existence.

6:15 PM  Nap time. M.I.A.‘s sampled birdcalls will serve as an alarm clock.

8:30 PM  Wait for TNGHT. Just fucking with you—I’ll be bumpin’ to Kells.

10 PM  Linger around the food tents for a marked-down meal. Fests are expensive but a dude’s gotta eat, plus it’s a great way to avoid the masses exiting the park.

Tal Rosenberg
Reader digital content editor

12:45 PM  Grab dozens of bottled waters and store them in a secret fridge that I plan on burying deep underground.

1 PM  Head over to catch DJ Rashad‘s set and wonder, after surveying a presumably small crowd, why anyone would book this guy to play before 5 PM.

2-4 PM  Whether or not I’m seeing music, there will be something over my head protecting me from either the sun or the rain.

4:15 PM  Watch Yo La Tengo, be amazed that Yo La Tengo is still around and playing rock festivals.


6:15 PM  Try to stomach the last pork taco or pulled-pork sandwich I plan on eating for a long, long time.

7:25 PM  Try to reconcile all the mixed messages of seeing M.I.A. play a festival spearheaded by the publication that made her career.

8:30 PM  Try to comprehend that I’m seeing R. Kelly play the Pitchfork Music Festival, which I had previously thought impossible.

Ava Ginsburg

Ireashia Bennett
Columbia College journalism student

2:50 PM  As Blood Orange starts his set (hopefully on time), I’m standing with ice cream in one hand and a drink in another. I am good. I see pretty hipster boys and, with my newfound drunk courage, try to strike up conversation.

3:20 PM  I’m not really sure who’s playing but I like what I hear and start to dance. El-P? Oh cool, I’m just trying to shake my ass.

5:15 PM  OH MY GOD LIL B IS HERE EVERYONE BACK THE FUCK UP BASED GOD IS IN THE BUILDING. Hyperventilation ensues. I nearly pass out but not before he plays “Wonton Soup.” And in my fantastical world, He sees my pink Afro and brings me onstage to dance with him. Life has been made. A dutch is passed to me and who am I to turn it down?

6:15 PM  Cooled down from Lil B. Chilling out to Toro y Moi, who is so freaking cute!

7:25 PM  M.I.A.!!! Need I say more?