Antichrist Credit: Maria Lindberg

It’s been six years since this stalwart Swedish thrash band’s last full-length, and the new Sinful Birth (released by Sweden’s I Hate Records), the long-awaited follow-up to 2011’s Forbidden World, delivers an even more solid wall of riffage that never stops rising. There’s such a purity to their studied 1980s post-Slayer thrash that a listener could be forgiven for thinking this is a band of crusty old guys who’ve been playing for 30 years—when in fact this is only Antichrist’s second full-length. Churning cyclical riffs and brutal beating drums power tracks like “The Entity,” “Savage Mutilations,” and “The Black Pharoah,” each one a slightly varied, self-contained permutation of a theme. Later Antichrist settle in for the long haul on the ten-minute instrumental “Chernobyl 1986,” showing off their endurance while testing yours.   v