TALsounds Credit: Courtesy the artist

Over the last few years Chicagoan Natalie Chami’s output has been prolific, both as a member of improvisational noise trio Goodwill Smith and as her solo project TALsounds. It was just in October that Hausu Mountain released Lifter + Lighter—the latter’s most focused, cohesive effort to date—but its follow-up, Love Sick (Ba Da Bing Records), is already primed to enter the world as a massive leap forward. Chami takes the synthy bliss-drone of Lifter + Lighter and piles on layers of organs and electronic ambience, building otherworldly and overwhelming cascades of sonic warmth. For as heavy and abstract as Chami’s sound design and lofty vocals can be on Love Sick, there’s a distinct influence of 80s-90s dream-pop and postpunk from artists like Cranes and Cocteau Twins that evokes genuine feelings of sadness, joy, and nostalgia. The way Love Sick toes the line between beauty and weirdness is a further stroke of greatness from the already excellent local artist. This record release show doubles as one for Mukqs, the solo project of Chami’s Good Willsmith cohort Max Allison, who’ll be dropping the succintly titled 11,666,666,666,666,666,666 through local label Midwitch.   v