Maayan Nidam Credit: Leandro Quintero

Throughout the years, Israeli techno producer Maayan Nidam—who’s been based in Berlin since 2004—has juggled a variety of pseudonyms, including Laverne Radix, Miss Fitz, and Spunky Brewster, along with collaborative musical projects, such as Mara Trax, the Waves & Us, and the Kicks. These various names and configurations have given her flexibility in terms of her approach to electronic music. The music she’s released under her given name skews minimal, and her forceful use of the empty space adds shape to its distinct personality. On her most recent vinyl release, the 2016 ten-inch Deep Under Sobriety Regime (Perlon), the quietest moments have a ghostly quality that leads the way like a spectre. The rest of the music seems to respond in kind—the percussion occasionally lurches forward as if startled, and the sparkling synths give off an anxious air, as if clinging to the walls. By contrast, the echoing drum hits that punctuate the title track recall the best early 2000s dubstep, and it’s similarly fluid in form and function. This is prime mood music—it’s perfect for moments of solitude, but when cranked up in a dim sub-basement club it can get bodies moving.   v