Flyer by Mony Nuñez. "FTP" and "ACAB" are traditional expressions of antipathy toward law enforcement officers. Credit: Courtesy the Black and Brown Punk Show Collective Facebook page

Chicago’s Black and Brown Punk Show Collective describes its mission as “highlighting the black and brown, queer and trans DIY scene in Chicago” as well as building a local network of “safer spaces for queer and trans folks of color” and a “successful integrated punk scene that thrives on its diversity.” Sounds good to these furry ears! On Fri 8/28 and Sat 8/29 the collective hosts a festival with almost two dozen awesome acts. Saturday’s bill, at ChiTown Futbol in Pilsen, features Ono, rapper KrisDeLaRash, and Brooklyn punks Aye Nako; Friday’s bill, at a venue to be announced, includes New York blues project Black Bandit & the Stickups, Philadelphia poet and beat maker Moor Mother Goddess, and Oakland punks the Younger Lovers. For tickets and more info, visit

Gossip Wolf has barely heard a peep lately from bubblegum-pop outfit the Lemons or garage wunderkind Paul Cherry, but they have new tunes on the way! Cherry and the Lemons both recorded on Sunday for a split cassette they’ll have on hand when they play a show together at the Whistler on Sun 8/16 presented by local culture site and DIY promoter Medium Gallery. “We are working on the songs together and helping each other record,” Cherry says. They’re only making 25 tapes, which will sell out fast, but they’ll also release the new material digitally.

Gossip Wolf has a decent grasp on band-lifespan science, such as it is, and figured that the Peekaboos might be sunk by the April departure of Shannon Candy (now in Strawberry Jacuzzi) and Rob Majchrowski (who heads stoner-dub recording project No Weapons). But last week the spazzy, hooky local indie quartet reached out to confirm their intent to carry on—they’ve added guitarist Bryan Alvarez (also of Post Child) and bassist Ryan Ensley (also of Shiloh), and they’ll debut the new lineup at the Hideout on Thu 8/13.  v

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